I'll fight for the issues that impact you every day.

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Everyone has a right to quality, affordable healthcare no matter where they live or what they do for a living. I strongly support Medicare for All because a universal healthcare system will save lives, reduce cost, and allow small businesses to thrive.

A healthy workforce will keep America strong.

While Republicans continue to chip away at the progress the Affordable Care Act made, I will actively advocate for universal healthcare and work to include mental health and addiction care in all health care plans.


As a product of public schools, I believe strongly that public education is the best way to even the playing field. I will fight to make sure every student has the chance to excel and the skills to succeed in the future.

Quality public education is a pillar of our Democracy.

A quality public education starts when we are young. I will advocate for universal pre-K and for ways to fund our schools based on need and not simply student attendance.

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Did you know that Blaine Luetkemeyer has received aid from the NRA to the tune of almost $40,000.001? While he has gladly accepted their money, people’s lives are being negatively impacted by gun violence all over our country. I will demand legislation to repeal the Dickey Amendment in order to open the door for the CDC to conduct more comprehensive studies of gun violence. I will also work for legislation that requires universal background checks and prohibits the sale of high capacity magazines.

This is a problem that we, as a society, can solve if we all come to the table.

Our schools and churches should be places where we can all feel safe, but they have become a primary target of those who seek to use gun violence to terrorize our communities. Real reform is achievable if we work together to reduce gun violence, suicides, and mass shootings in our communities.

Learn more about the NRA in Missouri:

  1. https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/politics/2017/10/05/heres-what-nras-political-activity-missouri-looks-like/735646001/


The way to building a strong work force is to offer low or no cost higher education at all public colleges and universities and trade schools. Many other countries in the industrialized world have done this with success and we can do it too. I will work to make low or no cost tuition a reality and to include provisions for transportation to and from campus as well as childcare for parents who want to earn a degree.

Student debt relief will unleash innovation and improve our economy.

Of the 44 million2 Americans strapped with student loan debt, 18% cannot afford to make their payments3.   I will work to address the ballooning student loan crisis by offering legislation that makes a student’s monthly amount due only 10% of their take home pay and offering loan forgiveness starting 15 years after graduation.

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  2. http://time.com/money/4701506/student-loan-defaults-record-2016
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Decisions about one’s health should be made by you and your doctor, not corporate executives or politicians. As such, I fully support a woman’s right to determine what is best for her and her body. That is why I will work to require that any medical organizations who wish to receive federal funds must provide patients with medically accurate and unbiased information concerning pregnancy-related service options.

I will never compromise on women’s health.

Every woman has a right to forge her own path to motherhood and for many of us it is not always a straight path. While I do want to see the number of abortions in this country go down, I also want every child to be born to parents who can love and provide for them. That is why I think it is important to help set up women and families for success by working to ensure access to affordable birth control, access to necessary pre-natal care, and mandatory paid family leave for both parents.


I am fully committed to ensuring the rights of the LGBTQ community. This includes protecting marriage, adoption, employment, housing, and military opportunities so that they remain open to all.

The LGBTQ community can trust that I will be a consistent ally.

We must continue to work to protect LGBTQ rights, which are being threatened by this administration’s discriminatory agenda. As someone with loved ones in the LGBTQ community, I will work hard to stay vigilant on this issue.

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The middle class is disappearing because too many corporations are putting the needs of shareholders before the needs of their hard working employees. I want to see businesses at all levels thrive and that will happen when they have a happy and loyal workforce.

We must rebuild our economy from the bottom up.

I am in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15/hr and ensuring all employees can be represented by a union. I also support a progressive tax code to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share of taxes.

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